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Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

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Protect your eyes from the the screen! Online work is on the rise and so is our screen time! Use these blue light glasses to help reduce eye burn and headaches due to extensive hours on computer, laptop, phone, and/or iPad. 

  • Blue light is emitted from screen of electronic devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, etc.
  • Prolonged exposure to blue light can cause headaches, blurred vission, dry eyes, and may disturb sleep.
  • Blue light filtering glasses can limit some of this exposure to blue light.

Proteja sus ojos de la pantalla! El trabajo en línea va en aumento y también nuestro tiempo frente a la pantalla. Use estas gafas de luz azul para ayudar a reducir el ardor y cansancio en los ojos y los dolores de cabeza debido a las largas horas en la computadora, computadora portátil, teléfono y / o iPad



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The name Moonlight comes from the bright glimmer our beautiful necklace emits. Glows on its own. Moonlight is also easily layered with other necklaces like our Diamond-cut Paperclip.